Welcome, Lethbridge!


On April 24, 2018, the City of Lethbridge is thrilled to be submitting an application to Infrastructure Canada's Smart Cities Challenge.

For the past several weeks, a great deal of feedback has been compiled from key city stakeholders, and now, we can hardly wait to hear your voices, receive your ideas, and further bring a world-class Smart Cities Challenge application to fruition.

We invite you to please complete the questionnaire below by Tuesday, April 3 so that we may compile collective insights in time for the official submission deadline.


By 2030, Lethbridge will be the first Canadian city to achieve population-wide carbon neutrality, with net greenhouse gas emissions amounting to zero, and organizations, businesses and individuals taking collective action to remove as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as they put in.


Lethbridge will eradicate personal and professional isolation, exemplify inclusiveness, and increase overall satisfaction with socially-oriented city programs and services to 98% by 2030, by ensuring all residents have equitable access to high-quality social, community, career and health resources, services and assemblies.


Lethbridge will become the most desirable small city in Canada to start a business, with the highest post-secondary graduate retention rate, multi-faceted infrastructure and technology support systems, and unparalleled human capital investment programs.

Now it's your turn! 

From the drop-down options below, please choose the 'Challenge Statement' you like the best, and that you believe will serve to form Lethbridge's strongest Smart Cities Challenge application. 

For the statement you selected as your favourite, we also invite you to provide your thoughts on potential project activities and outcomes you think may support the end goal. 

Please provide any ideas you have regarding how Lethbridge might bring this Challenge Statement to life